Le Sigh

January 19, 2011

Ever wish you could use “I got bored” as an excuse for your actions? Well, Ryan Murphy can. Turns out, Ryan Murphy can do whatever the hell he wants. He announced today that he’ll be having the golden couple (literally!) call it quits during the second half of this season, and that it would also give Sam and Quinn the chance to make out with other New Directions members. I’m not particularly heart broken over this. Sam was trying waaay to hard. He was just too kiss-ass for her, and Quinn needs a challenge. Plus, you can totally tell that she wasn’t as into him. Oops. As annoying as I found Quinn and Sam’s relationship to be, the fact that his only excuse was that he “got bored” pisses me off. Even if you have the power to make decisions like that, it’s not okay to admit it! It makes him look lazy and has given him, in my eyes, a bit of a divinity complex, like he’s totally indulging in the fact that he gets to play God to this show. It’s cool that he gets to make the plot changes and what not, but it almost sounds like he’s bragging about it. Bragging about what, your show that has zero continuity and has lost any sort of character development this season? Give Quinn time to be single, tap into her feminist core (which we all know is there), and stop preaching that relationships are the only way people can ever be happy. What Glee needs are some independent women (I’ve got my fingers crossed for Rachel) and some more realistic men. There is no such thing as Sam, he doesn’t exist, nothing about him seems remotely plausable. But what they could do to make him more real is delve further into his manorexia/body image problem that they scraped the surface of earlier this season. Now that would make for an interesting storyline.

This decision probably wouldn’t bother me so much if Ryan had just kept his mouth shut, or thought before he spoke. Perhaps admitting that Sam wasn’t actually right for Quinn would have been better, or even blaming it on the fact that high school relationships just don’t last.

Here’s another cool idea, Ryan. Try having them date OUTSIDE of the Glee Club. This is all getting a bit too incestuous for me.