Tramps Like Us

August 30, 2010

I want all of this, all the time, forever. The Boss + Tina Fey + Jon Hamm + Glee = dream team. I hate to sound sappy, but I was so overwhelmed when watching this opener that I was shaking with laughter, shrieks of excitement and tears of joy. It was like my favorite television one after another after another. Also, I am madly in love with Jon Hamm and would do anything for him and his dancing in this is the highlight of my summer. Well, my summer TV watching. Yes, it beats seeing Alexander Skarsgard naked, and that’s saying a lot. Speaking of Vampire Eric, True Blood got robbed last night, amirite? I was super dooper proud of Mad Men for winning but True Blood could have really used some other nominations. Well, there’s always next year. I believe in that cast!

Side note: Am I the only one who cried when Temple Grandin won? Am I the only sap?


Days 12, 13, and 14

August 21, 2010

Day 12: A Song From A Band You Hate

Day 13: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

Day 14: A Song No One Would Expect You To Love

I suspect that people don’t think of me as the R&B loving type. But I am!

The reason why I’m posting three songs in one day is that I’m on my vacation with Jenny and family in Hilton Head and I haven’t had the time to check the internet in days. Now that I’m settled, my schedule will be reverting back to normal, computer wise. However, I am on a vacation, and that means that I’m posting this after a day spent sweating (South Carolina is gross in the midday) (but beautiful) and finding the right bike to rent. It’s so different from New Jersey down here, the people are so much nicer, and at some points I actually thought I was in Bon Temps and Sookie was going to come out and serve me at the restaurant we were eating at. And then read my mind, which probably would have sounded a little like this: She looks so familiar…where have I seen her before? Crap, she knows I’m staring, but I know I’ve seen her before somewhere. Do I know her? Oh…oh my. It can’t be, can it?

Alas, that was only wishful thinking-I think I watch that show too much.

Oh, Sooks. So sweet, so smart, so sassy. Am I the only person who thinks that Sookie is a good role model for girls? She’s levelheaded and has good morals, and she’s also not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Sookie is the ideal girl in my mind. I’ll have none of that insecure, dependent, “I need a man”, Bella Swan crap that Stephanie Meyer is trying to pull-give me Sookie (that’s what I want).

Thoughts On True Blood: Episode 4 Season 3

July 13, 2010


Where do I start? This season is overflowing with intertwining storylines that I hope all have a common connection in the end. Things are starting to make a little more sense, but there is way too much going on for it to be enjoyable. And there was barely any Sookie action! What the heck, that pint-sized telepath is one of the main reasons why I watch the show! There needs to be more development into her crazy supernatural powers, and a different answer to the question “what are you?” which everyone seems to always asks her. Because believe me, she is not just a waitress. Speaking of people we never see anymore, let’s not forget about Eric (mmmmm, Alexander Skarsgård)-he’s my favorite vampire on the show, and all of these side stories that don’t really matter are taking away from his screen time. Is he ever going to get what he wants from Sookie? Or are they just going to use his fantasies in the previews to trick us into watching? It’s driving me insane. Here’s why I’ll watch next week’s episode-I want to know what the heck Eric is doing placing the blame on Bill. Well, Pam did that, but I like Pam, and I would prefer to see more of her on the show (preferably teamed up with Lafayette-they would make a killer partnership) so I hope she doesn’t get killed off. But what the hell, Pam?!?! My prediction is that the Magister will go after Bill Compton but now that Bill isn’t working for Louisiana he wont be able to do anything about it. OR Bill and Sookie will meet up and confess their love for one another and have to flee the country or something crazy like that. How about that for a cliffhanger?

I’m also praying right now that Tara gets the chance to play hero after being kidnapped by Franklin. She’s got everything going for her, but boy is she in for a surprise. Perhaps she’ll try to redeem Sookie by attacking Bill when she runs into him next week (it’s inevitable). Come on, Tara, you got this girl. Be strong, I know you can!

As for the werewolf storyline, well, these are my thoughts. It’s too much like Twilight that it’s starting to irk me-all this crap about them being warm and shit. Come on Sookie, that was such a Stephanie Meyer-esque line. You’re better than that, True Blood Writers. I do love the Nazi-twist to their clan, and the whole Russel-as-their-leader twist is really intriguing. I just hope Sookie and Alcide don’t start hooking up. He’s a real hunk, but I do agree with a recent blog I read (link pending) that was annoyed with every male lead having a thing for Sookie. From Sam to Bill to Eric-let’s just keep Alcide brooding over that grimy bitch he’s in love with. His sister was pretty great though.

I just really miss Godric.

Come back, you cute little man/vamp!

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

June 14, 2010

My girl, Sookie

True Blood has returned! And what a way to start the season (with Eric’s bottom). It was a real whirlwind of an episode, so much going on. What I like most about this show is how it always picks up where it ended-and it always ends with a really good cliffhanger. I totally forgot about Maryanne and all of her scary-ass shenanigans, because there’s so much happening already, that when Sookie was cleaning out all of the weird crap that Maryanne had used to decorate, I was taken a bit by surprise.

All of the storylines weaved throughout the episode made it a good watch, and unlike other shows, I didn’t sit around waiting for the end so that something could happen. The thing about True Blood is that every episode has me on my toes, not knowing what to expect. And this episode has me anticipating a really interesting season! What I’m most intrigued by is Sam’s past, and who his parents are. I’m getting really restless waiting for next week so that I can see the big reveal…

Also I wish that Tara would get over all of her problems. It’s starting to piss me off, how ignorant she is. I get that she’s “independent” and can “hold her own” but why does Sookie always have to be counted on to save the day? I used to really like Tara, even up through the Maryanne crap, but once she forced her mother to let her go see Eggs it was just like…are you kidding me? It’s not like Sookie doesn’t already have enough problems. Lafayette too!! Her scenes are my least favorite ever, and the most predictable.

Oh well, Tara or no Tara, I’m still counting down to next week’s episode. I feel like introducing werewolves is a bit lame at this point, but I’ve been very cynical lately. I’m sure the werewolves will be just as sexy as the vampires (but not as sexy as Eric).