Le Sigh

January 19, 2011

Ever wish you could use “I got bored” as an excuse for your actions? Well, Ryan Murphy can. Turns out, Ryan Murphy can do whatever the hell he wants. He announced today that he’ll be having the golden couple (literally!) call it quits during the second half of this season, and that it would also give Sam and Quinn the chance to make out with other New Directions members. I’m not particularly heart broken over this. Sam was trying waaay to hard. He was just too kiss-ass for her, and Quinn needs a challenge. Plus, you can totally tell that she wasn’t as into him. Oops. As annoying as I found Quinn and Sam’s relationship to be, the fact that his only excuse was that he “got bored” pisses me off. Even if you have the power to make decisions like that, it’s not okay to admit it! It makes him look lazy and has given him, in my eyes, a bit of a divinity complex, like he’s totally indulging in the fact that he gets to play God to this show. It’s cool that he gets to make the plot changes and what not, but it almost sounds like he’s bragging about it. Bragging about what, your show that has zero continuity and has lost any sort of character development this season? Give Quinn time to be single, tap into her feminist core (which we all know is there), and stop preaching that relationships are the only way people can ever be happy. What Glee needs are some independent women (I’ve got my fingers crossed for Rachel) and some more realistic men. There is no such thing as Sam, he doesn’t exist, nothing about him seems remotely plausable. But what they could do to make him more real is delve further into his manorexia/body image problem that they scraped the surface of earlier this season. Now that would make for an interesting storyline.

This decision probably wouldn’t bother me so much if Ryan had just kept his mouth shut, or thought before he spoke. Perhaps admitting that Sam wasn’t actually right for Quinn would have been better, or even blaming it on the fact that high school relationships just don’t last.

Here’s another cool idea, Ryan. Try having them date OUTSIDE of the Glee Club. This is all getting a bit too incestuous for me.


The Gleekness

November 10, 2010

Three cheers for this weeks episode of Glee! I have a few focal points with this episode, which was overall quite emotional and sappy – the way I like my Glee. They had their good old cheesy 80’s pop music, Darren Criss feeding my fangirl fantasies, and…oh yeah, a guy on guy kiss. Or “Brokeback Locker Room,” as my dad called it. Wait – they actually did it. I can’t even explain how proud I am of the show for actually airing that. The network is going to get a lot of flack for doing that, and possibly in a negative light, but so many props to them for doing so. I respect them so much more than I already did because I feel like between all other gay couples on network television shows (yes, Modern Family, I’m looking at you) are never shown intimately. What’s the point of having a gay couple if they can’t be as over-sexed as all the other characters on the show? And when I say over-sexed, I mean really; the amount of making out in this weeks episode was above average and a bit much, but it adhered to the plot and theme of the show at least. Overall, it was a job very well done, and in my humble opinion the best episode so far this season. Any episode focusing on Kurt is going to be a favorite of mine, but this one was progressive, which is why I liked it the most.

P.S. When are we gonna get to see a Kurt/Darren kiss? Deep down, that’s all I really want…

Bless My Soul

October 29, 2010

Today, for Halloween in school, I dressed up as Columbia from Rocky Horror, inspired by my love for the movie and this weeks episode of Glee, of course. Which, by the way, they did a great job with. The guest appearances of Meat Loaf and Barry Bostwick were minor enough to be enjoyable – Glee really needs to lay off the guest appearances. Except John Stamos. He can stay. Well, only if it doesn’t mean that we wont be seeing anymore Mr. Schue with no shirt. “Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me” basically made up for all of the times that Mr. Schuester has rapped.

Moar, pleas

Glee shed a lot more skin than usual this week, which I have no problem with, but I must adress something before I go on. I learned this week that a young girl who I do gymnastics with – she’s maybe eight or nine years old – watches the show with her mother, which I really don’t find appropriate. I watch the show with my parents and I don’t feel comfortable watching certain scenes with them. My point here is that Glee is an adult show, with very serious and mature themes. It’s not really meant for 10-year-olds. So people shouldn’t be getting into such a huff about this month’s “inappropriate” GQ spread with Corey, Dianna and Lea. First of all, is your tween child really reading GQ? Aren’t they still into Seventeen and Teen Vogue at that age? Not only that, but it’s a magazine for men. I really don’t think parents should be concerned about their children wandering towards that section of the magazine rack. Second of all, if you’re so upset about some twenty-somethings posing in their underwear, maybe you shouldn’t be letting your kid watch the show in the first place. Lea Michelle can’t show a little skin, but teen pregnancy is perfectly fine to expose your child to? Leave GQ and the cast members alone. They’re old enough to make their own decisions, and quite frankly I think that this decision was a great one for both the magazine and the stars.

Moving on. This week’s episode was frivolous amusement, and done just right. Though I personally think that they should have covered “Rose-Tint My World”, the song selections were solid. Giving Emma and Carl a chance to sing was a breakthrough. I love the girl, but Rachel Berry’s pipes need a break. I’m getting kind of sick of hearing the same people sing all of the solos. It’s been a while since we’ve heard any Artie…or seen any development into Artie at all. He didn’t even wince when Carl put Mike’s arm around Tina during “Hot Patootie”, which was also my favorite number.

Also interesting was the male anorexia storyline with Sam that they just barely tapped into. I’ve been waiting for them to address eating disorders, and I really hope that they develop more into the disease with Sam, because “manorexia” and boys having body-image issues is not something that the media confronts at all. That would make for a good plot line.


October 20, 2010

Call me a fangirl, but basically all I did today was watch “A Very Potter Musical” and stare in jaw-dropping awe at the latest GQ spread…that’s right, the Glee one.
1. Sexiest Voldemort ever. Funniest Draco ever.

2. I’m so excited for Darren Criss to be on Glee.

3. It’s high time I re-read Harry Potter as a whole.
4. GQ still reigns supreme as my favorite periodical. It’s just CLEARLY the best magazine out there.

I highly doubt that it’s appropriate to be posting that photo, but it’s so cute that I just couldn’t resist. One week until “Rocky Horror Glee Show” – so excited to hear Emma sing “Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me”!!

Come On, Get Happy

October 13, 2010

I’m gonna focus on a few Glee points tonight, but may I start with how much I enjoyed “Duets” tonight. For one, it didn’t make me cry, like most of the other episodes this season have, especially last week’s. Also, it was a very Glee-y episode-show tunes up the wazoo, Kurt back to his old tricks, and Santana being the worlds snarkiest Cheerio. All around great job, though lacking serious Sue Sylvester action…but I must admit that I didn’t really realize that until the episode was done with and Fox was rolling the preview for “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”, which I cannot wait for.

I’ll start with how cute Sam is – unbearably awkward, yes, but those lips! And that scene in the locker room with Finn…I hate to be all fangirl-y, but those abs! Clutching my pearls! With Puck gone (for now…he’ll be back, right?), I’m totally Team Quam. “Quam”, really? This is what happens when I don’t give myself a day to think about the episode. Anyway, can’t wait to see any development into that relationship. And more of Sam’s abs.

Rachel’s attempt at being a good person was a nice break from the devious schemes she’s been concocting this season. It wouldn’t have been Rachel if there hadn’t been something in there for her though, so good job writers!

Holla atcha boiii

And now, dumroll please, for my favorite part of the episode…Le Jazz Hot. It was perfect for everything. Kurt is totally only matched by himself, and it was one of the most over-produced performances of the show to date, but it was so well done, from the costumes, to the set, to the dancers, that it’s totally forgivable even though it’s completely implausible. I definitely downloaded this song a few days ago and have had it on repeat since then, because I can’t get enough of it. It’s such a Kurt song-he does Broadway so well, and the costume and makeup absolutely killed me. Not only did it adhere to both aspects of Victor/Victoria with both a tux and fringe, but it was also something that only Kurt could get away with. I’m going to listen to that song ten more times now…but not without noting Kurt’s handprint sweater. Also something only Kurt could do. Overall, I was very pleased with this week’s episode, and I’m kind of excited that TRHGS isn’t airing for another two weeks…I don’t need any more distractions right now. Especially with production this week. It had better be worth the wait.

Glee Thoughts

October 6, 2010

So, last night I must have cried at least five times during Glee, and I wasn’t even paying attention half the time because I had so much work to do. But it wasn’t my favorite episode ever, or the most touching one. I totally have a soft spot for the Hummels, and heart attacks really upset me, so that explains my waterworks, but I wasn’t very into the episode. It was more upsetting, than anything, and everything was kind of abrupt. At least the songs were coherent to the storyline, which is more than last week’s episode can say. And all of the musical numbers were superb – I always enjoy hearing Puck sing, he definitely doesn’t get enough solos. Kurt was great too, he is by far my favorite character. And baby Kurt was the cutest little boy ever!!

Just The Bestest!

Ah, maybe I didn’t LOVE the episode because I knew Mr. Hummel would be okay. I’m happy he is, don’t get me wrong. It just feels like the episode was over-written. They put too much effort into it. And I’m sick of all these themed episodes! They’re great once in a while, but do they have to do that every week? Can’t they just write a storyline and fit the songs to that? They definitely write the story around the song choices now, which I am not a fan of. Big ups to Sue, her relationship with her sister is always a tearjerker for me. It’s good that she has an alibi for being so cruel. I can understand how an experience like raw discrimination against a loved one would harden a heart. And her line about Mary Lou Retton being her worst enemy had me laughing out loud. Sue remains at the top of her game.

Glee Against The Music

September 29, 2010

Hold on, hold on, hold on. All I heard today from my fellow Gleeks was how annoying it was that all of the musical numbers in this episode were dream sequences. It actually lowered my expectations for the episodes, which made the actual episode blow me away. It was AMAZING! The only problem I had with last night’s episode was how scarce Britney Spears’ cameos were. I wanted more! It’s also cool how much I could relate to the kids, or at least their love for Britney, in this episode-I grew up listening to and idolizing Britbrit. And, Ms. Sylvester, she did not have the over-sexed effect on me that you were so afraid of. I still love and admire her and listen to her music…quite often, I’ll admit.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

And this happened:

Brittany: I don’t wanna do Britney.
Kurt: Why no Britney, Brittany?
Brittany: Because my name is also Brittany Spears.
Mr. Schuester: What?
Mercedes: What the hell is she talking about?
Brittany: My middle name is Susan, my last name is Pierce. That makes me Brittany S. Pierce, “Brittany S. Pierce.” I’ve lived my whole life in Brittany Spear’s shadow. I will never be as talented or famous. I hope you all respect I want Glee club to remain a place where, I, Brittany S. Pierce can escape the torment of Brittany Spears.

I ROFLd so very hard.

The music numbers, even though most of them were dream sequences, were breathtaking. “Toxic” was all I’ve ever wanted and more-see Mr. Schue! You don’t always have to rap to look good!-and “Me Against The Music” was just perfect. Heather Morris is an amazing dancer, and I was so excited that she was getting more camera love this episode. She looked so hot in all of the sequences, not gonna lie! I’ve been waiting for them to point out that Brittany has some crazy dance moves up her sleeve since she broke it down during “Ice Ice Baby” last season. And she still had the best lines. Oh and Rachel did a good cover of “The Only Exception”, I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to.

Hmm, what else happened? Oh, that’s right, John Stamos. I’ve had a lifelong crush on Uncle Jesse, so quite naturally I was peeing my pants. When Brittany/Heather was dancing all over him during “I’m a Slave 4 U” I was seething with jealousy but amazed at her skill and beauty at the same time. I’m so excited to see more of John/Carl. His relationship with Emma needs to last just so that I can enjoy his presence for at least the rest of the season. Is that a bit much to ask?

On a final note, go Artie and Finn and Coach Bieste! More development into her storyline would be nice as well, I knew she was a good person all along!