May 26, 2010

I’ll post soon, but for now, here’s some Tones.


Prom I Guess

May 16, 2010

I don’t really understand what the big fuss about prom is. Nor do I understand the point of spending so much money on it. Here’s how much money I spent on prom this year and how I spent it: Ticket ($85), shoes ($90–biggest splurge), dress ($44–biggest bargain), boutonniere ($9.50)…and that’s pretty much it. So it comes to a grand total of $228.50. That’s a ton of money, but it’s still so much less than other people dropped! I managed to do my own hair and makeup, which saved me in that regard, and I don’t really care about getting a limo (however my friends want to next year) so I just drove to the Westin. Prom isn’t worth all of that cash down the drain. I could pay for the tortoise shell Ray-Bans that I want with that money, and still have enough left over to get a bunch of books from Barnes & Noble-that’s what I really want.

That’s not saying I didn’t have fun, because I totally did. My old friend Chelsea was there, which was the biggest surprise to me. The last thing I was expecting was to see her there, and when she showed up at my table I almost had a heart attack. Do you ever just wish that someone you love would show up to make a slightly sucky situation better? Well, it’s a fantasy I often have. Like a surprise party, except with just one person. I wasn’t even thinking about it, but seeing Chels there was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I basically spent the night catching up with her, and dancing too sometimes, but having my other half there made it go by faster and bit more interesting.

Also good was post prom, which I think I enjoyed more because of the company. Or perhaps, lack there of-I find that I prefer less people in a social setting, the less people, the better. Prom was too overcrowded this year, I thought I was going to suffocate on the dance floor. Getting home and into shorts and a sweatshirt was the biggest relief ever, as was getting space to walk around and lay down. I only get three hours of really bad sleep that night, but that’s kind of what I was expecting. Prom really isn’t unlike any other school dance I’ve been to, except I’m older and a bit more cynical.

Gym-nice-tics VI

May 2, 2010

Me and Dan showing off our biceps

The number five on the list of top ten things I love about gymnastics is my strength, something that I’m not exactly modest about. I like to flaunt my power, and I’ve been told that I throw a mean punch. What I’m really trying to say is that muscle mass is one of the best things about being a gymnast. Not only is it good for actually executing the skills that I do in the gym, but it also works well for self defense, blackmail and revenge. Back when my nose was broken, when people would annoy me, I would say (in a very detached tone while boring through them with my icy glare), “you do realize I did this to myself” and point to the swelling in the middle of my face. It was a very effective threat.

It’s quite getting to me, this whole being away from the gym. I can already feel my strength waning.What with APs fast approaching and an SAT just the other day, I really haven’t had much time for anything-exercise included. However last weekend, I did try to condition a little bit with some of the free time I had. Although it was a good idea, I learned my lesson the next day that you need to ease back into things, not go at them full speed ahead. What happened was, I decided to do some conditioning just as I would at the gym-reps of 50 pushups, sit ups and toe raises, so that I would be working out everything in my body and not just abs or arms. I forgot that I hadn’t been to the gym for some time (four weeks, to be exact), and my muscles were not used to that sort of prolonged intense activity. For the next three days, my calves burned with every step that I took-it was torture. I had forgotten that kind of pain existed, and with that lesson I also learned just how strong the sport makes you.

I Love April Fools

April 2, 2010

It’s my favorite holiday. I used to go all out, like painting bruises on my body or putting cellophane to cover the shampoo dispense, but that takes too much energy and I was running out of ideas. So my pranks have become verbal. Last year, I told everyone I was getting my septum pierced, and the responses were filled with outrage and protest. A few years before, I told everyone that I was moving to Texas to pursue elite dreams in my gymnastics career. The responses to that lie were full of anger and upset. I have fun on April Fools day!

ScarJo rocks the septum real well

This year, I had no school to attend on this day of fools, so Emmy and I pranked Eddie (I credit this one to Em, for she was the one who thought of it). We were standing in my living room, talking about past pranks and pranks to pull, when Eddie walked in. Innocently, he began to talk to us, and as he rambled on about middle school or Dr. Dre or something, I leaned in and whispered to Emmy that we should  pull a prank on him. She nodded, and began to muse. Soon enough an idea came to her-I know because a very malicious look flashed across her face, and she turned to Eddie and asked him,

“When was the last time you ate at Hoagie Haven?”

“Just yesterday,” he answered, “why?”

“Oh nothing, I just hear they’re shutting down Haven. It’s closing.” Em responded. She’s good.

“What?!!?!” he exclaimed “No, no! They can’t! What?”

“They didn’t pass their health inspection, so the state is making them shut down.”

“No! They can’t do that!”

And so it went, for about half an hour. We told him that they had found rat poop in some of the food, and he was still appalled that they were shutting it down. “Wouldn’t you be grossed out if you had rat poop in your sandwich?” we asked him, and his answer was,

“What? No! Everyone knows that it’s dirty in there!”

That’s disgusting, Ed. Soon enough, his friends arrived, and he passed the upsetting news on to them. I had to leave the room, I couldn’t stop laughing. The tween boys were in such an uproar over the unfortunate event that I finally decided to announce that it was an April Fools joke after Stephen cried out in anguish,

“No! It’s not true! Liars!”

They didn’t think it was a very funny joke, but for us pranksters, it was all too amusing. I wish April Fools day came multiple times a year.

Question Of The Day

March 30, 2010

Why is MGMT so fucking weird?

Still a boss song. Congratulations drops April 13th.


March 28, 2010

I’ve been on spring break for a few days, and it’s been so-so. Surely nothing compared to my friends who are vacationing in St. John or Barcelona or Disney World, where it’s going to be lovely and care-free all week. I’ve got AP world homework to finish and an article-or rather, a feature-to write on Grace Rosen all before the end of the break. And I’ve got to spend the entire break with a cast on my nose. You laugh now, but wait till you break your nose and can’t scratch below the giant mold of a bandage, or wear glasses, or wash your face. Life has become unnecessarily difficult as a result of this cracked nose.

That would be me. And my nose cast.

So I’m looking at things that I can do in the area to entertain myself, and I’ve got a few ideas for myself. I know I can’t make a list, because once I did that with Alli for the summer, we had a list of 100 things we wanted to do, and I didn’t get anything on the list done. Of course, the feats were a bit outrageous, like “go on the roof of a public place” (which I accomplished) or “touch a pigeon”, which I never remembered that I wanted to do.

I’ve decided I want to do three things before break is over. 1.) I want to go to the city and go to either the Met or MoMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit, and also eat a 5$ sushi dinner at Dean & Deluca. 2.) I want to go to Philly and either explore South Street or hang out around Walnut Street. Maybe both. 3.) I want to have a picnic-a real, nice picnic, with a basket and blanket and lemonade and sandwiches and homemade snacks and everything. On the battlefield.

I’ll be chronicling these events, which I can hopefully complete before the end of the week. We’ll see what happens.


March 24, 2010


You should buy this shirt.