Skins-y Skins-y Skins

December 29, 2010

Look what I’ve found!!! The brand new trailer and jazzed-up opener for Skins Series 5. Don’t know if I’m a huge fan of that music for the opener, but Arcade Fire? Oof. A show after my own heart. And while I’m at it, here’s a quick question/bit of intuitiveness – does anyone else think that short haired girl seemed a bit androgynous to anyone else? Meaning we might have a transsexual character?! Oh my, they haven’t gone there yet. How very Degrassi of them. Regardless, I will certainly be watching this. Don’t know if I can say the same about MTV Skins.


The U.S. Can’t Handle This…

October 22, 2010


I’m trying really hard to like what I’m seeing of the new MTV Version of Skins, but I just can’t! It’s just not the same! The fact that they’re replicating the original so closely is almost offensive to me. It’s actually the same exact thing, except not done as well. And I mean, the original is available to fans in the states, so why would we bother with this re-make? Could they have chose an actress who looked any more like Michelle? It’s giving me the creeps. Sid looks even more dowdy. I want to punch that actor who plays Sid – can he make any other facial expressions? Part of Sid’s appeal is that he’s adorably pathetic…this kid just looks sad. He’s butchering one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, so, no, I’m not okay with it!

I have zero expectations for this show, and I’m getting really pissed off by the preview, which is trying so hard. It’s the exact same thing! They just took the script and assigned the parts to worse actors and filmed it in the US using an SUV instead of a station wagon. Is it weird that I’m getting so upset by this stupid previe? From the music, to the fast paced shots, it’s giving me a headache. Skins is known for it’s amazingly beautiful soundtrack, not it’s annoying one. It’s not ever going to be the same, no matter how hard they try, so they might as well have just taken it and made it their own – with their own storyline, original characters, and different problems. This is just going to turn into another “Coupling” fiasco, it needs to be more original. Sure, it’s sensational, but everyone knows about it on this side of the pond. And, mark my words, no one will ever replace Kaya Scodelario and Nicholas Hoult.

Am I an asshole for being such a loyal fan to the original? A part of me is really afraid because I know that this show is so aesthetically pleasing and will probably do well…and a part of me will consider all fans of this show absolute posers. Complete jerk move on my part, I know, but this has actually been my favorite show and a huge part of my life for the past four years…It’s like they’re ripping one of my favorite things to shreds. And part of the appeal of Skins is it’s setting and the mannerisms of the characters and their dress and taste in music and accents…all which American teens tend to lack. And the school system in England is so different from the one we have here, a lot of the plot wont be able to fit in because of that.

I’ll probably give at least the first episode a shot…anticipate a review, and possibly a very nasty one. I know I’m extremely biased, but obviously this show has had a very profound effect on me if I’m getting so upset over this. It probably says something about the beauty of the first one. Any imitation is going to be an imitation, I guess. I’ve been annoyed about this since they announced that it would be moving stateside…and onto MTV, no less. Can’t they just air the originals? I’m going to go stew some more.

Skins Series 5

August 5, 2010

The cast has been revealed, and from the looks of it, Cass & Jal will be returning! (lolz, see what I did?)

Hello kids!

I kid, I kid. But the question now is, will I actually take my time to watch it? Will there be any new Effys or Sids? I plan on giving it more of a chance than I will the MTV version, because that will stink, but with no Effy left to at least carry the storyline over, I have no real prediction of how successful this show will be. Best of luck to the cast anyway!

Not So Aptly Named..

February 26, 2010

Tears were shed, but explanations were given. I’ve always known that something a bit deeper than what they were letting on was going on in Effys mind, so I’d rather that they call this episode “Effy” as opposed to “Freddie”. Sure, it made an odd connection to the bitter tale of his mother’s fate, and I loved his grandfather, who seemed like such a sweetheart. But I have to ask, what did Freddie learn from this episode? To let go of the one thing he loves in order to move on-come on. Cook’s already learned that. Perhaps he finally grew to respect and love his father, but I don’t recall any sign of that except for the big hug in the hospital. And as much as I wanted to cry for him, the only sorrow and fright I felt was when he found Effy in the bathroom-that’s when the waterworks got turned on. It’s probably because I’m biased and  Team Effy all the way, but I think that Freddie’s overall behavior, in the end, was prick-like. He could have done better. He shouldn’t have run. That just pissed me off.

“You’ve made me weak” explained Elizabeth Stonem to her enamored lover, Freddie McClair. I realized then how much I agreed with this statement, how right on it was. Throughout all the time that I’ve known Effy on Skins, she’s been solid as a rock and the most independent, fiery character. This episode, aside from the end of her episode in Series 3, was the first time I’ve ever seen her as a really venerable person, and it was the first time I’ve ever noticed that her iron shell of an epidermis get sliced through to show what’s happening deep on the inside. And I think that it’s all Freddie’s fault.

I love Effy. I can’t say the same for Freddie, and I have to admit that I feel like he’s doing something wrong. I hate him for running away from Mrs. Stonem, who has also been as fortunate as Effy to have a part in all four seasons. Perhaps that’s why I feel so much more attached to these characters, they’ve been with me for the past three or so years. I really think that Freddie needs to be there for Effy, as much as he may think he doesn’t. She’s obviously suffering from something more complex than anyone had ever let on. Or maybe not.

I know I’ve said this many times, but I’m going to say it again. EFFY NEEDS TONY. If they could just bring Nicholas Hoult back for one episode-even just three minutes of screen time-I’d be content with everything. I don’t need anything else, but Tony’s return would just prove to me that everything with Effy is going to be alright. He’s all she needs. He’s all the show needs to make this season a successful one. But I know it’s not going to happen-who am I kidding? He’s too busy working in A Single Man alongside Colin Firth to give a damn about Skins. But his presence would really be the nicest touch to the Effy episode.

Come back, please!

The thing is, I had no idea that any of this was coming. I wish that the writers had let on that something was really going on with Effy, because everything was all peaches and cream in the previous episodes this season. I couldn’t imagine anything like this happening. I mean, I’ve always known that Effy was a bit loopy, but she’s always been able to control herself, as well as those around her. I honestly blame Freddie for everything that’s happened to her, and I also blame Effy for letting herself give in to the overbearing devotion and attention that Freddie gave to her. She can do it alone.


February 14, 2010

Cookie Monster

It took me a long time to get around to watching this week’s episode of Skins because of the six-day weekend that we were given. I forgot that it was Thursday. But never fear, because all of the free time that I’ve had allowed me to watched whenever I damn well pleased, and so I did. And I got to relax and enjoy it and not have to worry about assignments and getting up at six the next morning.

So here are my thoughts. This episode really fits in well with this season, and it also came at an appropriate time. Cook was very exposed, which was needed, for we’re always shown his nasty, violent side, and never what’s hiding behind this choleric facade he puts up. It was a very bittersweet episode-I love love LOVE that we finally get to see the other side of Cook’s mysterious home life, and I was rather impressed with his mother. She was fun. I want to see more of her, but I doubt we will. The whole story line with his little brother got me all choked up, and gave me hope that I’m not the only one who really likes Cook and thinks that he means well after all. Because I think he does. I don’t like Effy and Freddie together, they’re annoying. When they first reconciled, I felt as though a missing link had been found, but now I’m not so sure of that. And Naomi! At least she understands her mistake. But what I’m most interested in is how they’re going to work out what’s going to happen to Cook. I really want him to be okay, I really want him to learn from his mistakes and I really want him to restore his friendships and maybe even his home life, so he can stop his little brother from making the same mistakes he did. I’m proud of him for turning himself in, I thought that was very selfless and noble, especially in an effort to save Naomi’s sorry ass, because she’s going to need everything she has to mend things with Emily. I want Naoimily back…

My personal favorite plot twist was the sexual history between Freddie and Cook’s mum…something I definitely DIDN’T see coming. Thank you Skins! This is what I mean when I say unexpected! It gave me a rush of excitement and ended with a real bang then. Oh Freddie. It makes me happy to see that you wronged Cook first. Actually, that’s a lie. Because Freddie did take Effy from Cook, no matter what anyone says, Cook was there first. Freddie better come back around with an equally heart-wrenching episode or else I may never take a liking to him again.

And my hunch of the week is that this new headmaster at their school is going to end up expelling, or rather, expunging, everyone. First Thomas, now Cook-it’ll be Effy next and then Pandora will accidentally fuck up and…you can see where I’m going with this. Perhaps that’s not the exact way that it’ll pan out, but I feel like something along those lines is coming.

Side note-read my friend, Julie Sok’s blog! She was famous on Myspace back in tha day, and has finally found her calling on her blog which she started last night. Read all about her, she is really one of the wackiest people that I know. Kind of strange, but that’s how I like ’em. Seriously, I have high hopes for this blog. Ju-pressure’s on.


February 5, 2010

What an episode. I was left absolutely shattered-if Naomily can’t make it, no one can. Really, that’s what it all boils down to. Bad Naomi, bad bad bad! I was so angry at Emily for going to her house at the end, Naomi needs to think about what she’s done, kind of like Thomas. I loved the sister scene with Emily and Katie, I think that their twin speak is so cute. It was also cute to see Katie really giving a damn about Emily, because I feel like in the third series, Katie really had no respect for her sister. Perhaps getting hit by the rock really opened her eyes to how much of a bitch she was being. Also, giving Emily her own episode was absolutely necessary-it has been for a while. She’s such a complex character, whom I’ve really grown to enjoy.

I used to like Naomi a lot too, but those feelings have changed quite drastically.

Naomily! That’s just not fair! I must have watched the (rather haunting) roof scene five times over before it really sunk in. It was so unexpected, so heartbreaking, I couldn’t take it. I didn’t want it to be true. It was such a wonderful scene. This Sophie storyline just keeps getting juicier and juicier, but I wonder if it will end here. There isn’t much else that could happen, but I could be wrong. Maybe I should read the book because I feel like I’m missing a lot.

Also, what the hell happened to Effy? I’m happy that she’s back, but she’s lost her enigmatic glow that she gave off. Why is she telling people her thoughts? I want her to repress all of her feelings and stop talking again! I loved her because she was such a mystery-no one ever knew Effy’s thoughts. Now she’s so open, something’s got to be going on. Perhaps something with Tony…? A girl can dream.

I Stand Corrected

January 31, 2010

On Thursday night, (a.k.a. the night that Skins Series 4 premiered) I was really annoyed-scratch that, super aggravated, because halfway through the Thomas episode my internet shut down, and it took much longer than usual to find that link and I was suffering from an uncomfortable head cold. So I scribbled these thoughts onto a piece of scrap paper, these initial judgements of the 30 minutes that I saw.

“I thought the premier episode of Skins Series 4 was absolute rubbish. They had a great build up, a great potential story line, then BAM, Thomas and his stupid morals ruin the day. Skins has lost it’s humor. The minor roles-teachers, parents, bosses-they always used to be quite the characters. Oh no. Not Thomas’ mother. That woman wouldn’t know happiness if it ripped off her lips. What a mood that put me in. I really watch skins for the parental abuse, the children with a heavy moral fiber and smart-ass siblings. No! No no no no no no! First of all, I knew what was coming. Here’s your problem Skins-YOU’RE GIVING TOO MUCH AWAY. Don’t put up previews like this because we want to be surprised. That’s why I watch the show-for the unexpectedness of it, the element of the unknown. Impress me, Skins. I dare you. Throw me a curveball with this ending, please. I’m your biggest fan, and your most judgmental critic. Give me random, give me funny, give me something carefree and indulgent.”

Well, now that I have finally seen the last 17 minutes of the episode, I can honestly say that I was impressed. I initially thought that the club scene wouldn’t turn into much, but now I can see how it may turn into something. Everyone was too happy, and the Effy love square was starting to get annoying. Don’t get me wrong-I adore Effy. She’s probably my favorite character of all time. I was so excited to see her. Her appearance was unfortunately predictable because I saw appearances of her in the previews. However, the bombshell that Naomi drops at the end was something I did NOT see coming, and also fuels my excitement for next week’s episode. I love Naomily, and until I saw the previews for next week, I honestly didn’t think that anything there could go wrong. YAY SKINS for impressing me/throwing the curveball I was looking for.

P.S. Poor Panda-I wonder if they’ll touch on the infidelity subject more or if it’s really over.