Groundhog Day

February 2, 2010

Birfday Boy on the right

Eddie’s birthday always overshadows the fact that it’s Groundhog day, and that we still have six weeks until spring begins. Six weeks? That’s so much! The third quarter will be almost over by then, and I’ll have almost completed the second issue of Tower 2010 Edition and my book for art, and that’s just a few of the projects I’ve got to complete for the third marking period. Is it really that far away?

Sometimes it feels like February is speedy, but that’s because we only have fourteen days of school in total this month, and it is also exceptionally shorter than all the other months. February doesn’t actually have a flighty feeling, like the end of April has. I have to entertain myself with trips to the city and the movies and hours of TCMs Oscar month during February. And that’s all when I’m not doing homework. February is just hitting really hard this week, with a forecast of snow showers and a sky of complete grey hovering over. Snow would be preferable right now, because the grass is at the point where it’s so dead that the dried mud has started to show through the yellow stalks and the landscape is entirely beige. And the streets are all white because of the salt that the Boro used earlier in the year to get rid of that pesky snow and ice.

Right now is a really bad time to be reading Huck Finn in English, because Huck’s days are so carefree and full of relaxing in the wilderness. Well, my days are stress-filled and take place inside a school building with white tile floors and inconveniently placed stairwells. GET ME OUT OF HERE. I need a vacation like I’ve never needed one before.

These next six weeks need to be productive. I need to write chapters upon chapters, fill up my entire journal to the brim, and bump all of my grades up to solid A’s. Or A minuses. Maybe these next few weeks will be good for my mentality. And possibly my resume.


Down The Tracks

January 18, 2010

I find that public transportation is not only environmentally friendly, but also increasingly enjoyable. Especially trains and train stations. I love the aroma of disgusting food being fried that wafts through the halls, and I enjoy people watching in the LIRR. I love the sentimental feeling of Penn Station that I experience even when I’m rushing to catch the express train home. I love Hudson News and their wide selection of periodicals, I love collecting ticket stubs. I find pleasure in taking the train from Princeton Junction to New York Penn Station, even though the scenery of the voyage is rather bleak and industrialized. It’s even more pleasant if it’s the 6:50 train, and the trees are bare so the sunrise is visible. The morning sun accentuates the Hudson well.

Subways are a less relaxing, more enthralling trip. I prefer standing and testing my balance, or being obnoxious and hanging from the bars and sometimes even doing a few pull ups. I love the rush I get from watching a subway car race towards me, rattling the whole station and deafening everyone in it.

The Dinky is always lovable, even if the ride costs more than it should and the schedule is hard to follow. It’s especially a bonus if you’re starving for some Wawa, and as soon as you get off of the Dinky, it’s right there, as though it’s been anticipating your arrival.

But my favorite train ride by far is the one from Calafell to Terrassa which journeys along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The scenic view of ports, nude beaches and rocky cliffs with pure, turquoise water crashing up against them and creating a foamy spray is the highlight of this trip, and one of the most delightful memories of my vacation

ahh, summer

I Wish I Were A Tree

August 20, 2009

Proof that our world is crumbling: they have cut down yet another tree on my usually leafy green street. The large elm outside of my neighbors’ house has been chopped away, allowing more sunlight than ever to shine down onto my front porch. But I don’t want to see sky, especially not now when it is only filled with grey clouds that threaten rain and promise humidity. I’d much rather be hidden from the UV rays, because I’ve gotten plenty of those this summer. Also, it’s been hitting 90 all week, and I can’t be inside without suffering from the ever-present allergens that plague my house and my sinuses. Shade has been my best friend since my return to the States.

tree hugger, nature lover, whatever you want to call it

tree hugger, nature lover, whatever you want to call it

This is the third tree I’ve seen disappear so far this summer. The sickening sounds of chainsaws hacking at a trunk were inescapable this morning. The only peace that could be found was on a short trip to Small World, an impulsive act driven by my desire for a decent cup of iced coffee. Now, with my driving lesson having been postponed until 1:30, I have found that there is nothing better to do than sit on my porch and give the borough workers dirty looks. Or maybe I’ll ask them if they’re ever going to replace the trees, which they should be doing anyway. This poor bearer of oxygen and shade had no need to die.