I’m Thankful For…

November 26, 2010

My family,

Tower, though I admit it reluctantly

Mes meilleurs amis

More friends

Because I have them

I swear!

The men in my life. They're aggravating, but great

And basically the most formative thing in my entire life. Ever.

Okay, enough photo spam. I was feeling sappy.


Day 07: A Song That Reminds You Of An Event

August 14, 2010

reminds me of:

Teen PEP 09-10 ❤


April 12, 2010

If this doesn’t make AP’s seem inconsequential, I don’t know what does.


February 25, 2010

Things I love:

John Cusack

Say Anything

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

oh! hey! look at that!