Cola Talk

Thank you, coketalk, for putting into words everything that’s been swimming through my mind surrounding this “stylish” new can.

“Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today’s most stylish looks,”

“Slim?” “Attractive?” “Stylish?” Who are you trying to appeal to? The throngs of girls who already inject themselves with your carcinogenic pseudo sugar on the daily instead of making the smart choice of not drinking soda at all? If they really wanted this slim figure which Pepsi is shamelessly promoting here, they’d replace their soda with a tall glass of water. It’s fucking propaganda at it’s most OBVIOUS. If you’re ignorant enough to not see the 5’11” 100lb. model incorporated into the shape of that can, please, go open an art book or go look at some Christian art and come back and talk to me when you’ve figured out the influence that images – sole images – can have on conscious decisions.

I think I’ve just discovered the topic for my end-of-the-year research paper.


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