I’m Thankful For…

November 26, 2010

My family,

Tower, though I admit it reluctantly

Mes meilleurs amis

More friends

Because I have them

I swear!

The men in my life. They're aggravating, but great

And basically the most formative thing in my entire life. Ever.

Okay, enough photo spam. I was feeling sappy.


Hey Little Train

November 22, 2010

Don’t tell me this scene didn’t make you want to wrap Hermione in your arms, pull her to your chest and stroke her hair softly, whispering that everything was going to be alright.

For the Greater Good

November 20, 2010

So…Harry Potter. I’m still reeling from getting three hours of sleep Thursday night/Friday morning. It was so worth the time and energy. But where do I start? I can’t write a review because I just don’t have the time, and there’s so much to go over, but first of all I want to point out that everyone on that cast and crew deserves a huge round of applause for a job well done with everything. This is the first movie where I’ve been content with the scenes that they’ve left out (or inserted/changed), and it was also extremely beautiful and well done. In the first scene, before everyone meets up, when Hermione is with her parents, I wanted to bawl for her. I wanted to cry for her throughout the movie, from the time in the woods to Malfoy Manor, but to me, that beginning scene was unbearably poignant. Emma Watson did an amazing job this movie, and I think that’s because there was a lot more focus on Hermione’s character in The Deathly Hallows. I mean, a good majority of the book is just her and Harry, there has to be a focus on her. I never complained about the scene in the woods, as many of my peers and fellow Potter-lovers did, because I adore Hermione and liked to see her reaction to everything – she is the voice of reason in Harry’s world, and he couldn’t have survived while in hiding without her. Also, it’s crucial that she was there with Harry, or else she might have been exiled from the wizarding world on account of being muggle-born. A lot of that was hinted at and played into the character in the movie, I like to think, so, again, beautiful job, Emma Watson.

Many of the scenes that I was excited for were faithful and done impeccably well – for instance, the scene with Ron, Harry and the horcrux was almost exactly as I had imagined it, if not better. There are a few things that were left out that, while I’m upset about, I can accept that they had to water down for time’s sake. For instance, I was excited to see their bonding with Kreacher, it happened over time, and they didn’t have enough space to show the three of them drawing up plans to break into the ¬†Ministry or making nice with Kreacher. I’ve come to accept that they can’t fit everything in, but I was impressed with how much they squeezed into this one. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed it so much. Because they’re splitting this film into two parts, they can include so much more than usual. Throughout the screening, I was literally on the edge of my seat, gripping the sides of it. I began to doze off during the previews, but as soon as it started rolling, I was wide awake and brimming with excitement. For all 2 & 1/2 hours.

Just some side notes: The scenery was breathtaking. I had a burning desire to go to England throughout the film, it was so gorgeous. Hiding in places like that can’t be that bad.¬†Also, Hermione had such nice clothing! I mean, I guess with that beaded bag it’s easy to pack your entire wardrobe, but she actually looked so cute and comfortable throughout the entire film. I’m super jealous of her sweater collection.

My one final thought and complaint about this film is the people in the theater. I went at midnight because of many reasons, including that I have read all of the books multiple times, I have been reading the books since I was seven years old, the series means a lot to me because of that, and I thoroughly enjoy the movies. In other words, I am a huge fan. There were people in the theater who were surprised at certain scenes that they shouldn’t have been surprised at (like when Ron returns), and who were shouting “don’t do it!” when Harry and Hermione were dancing in the tent – if they had read the books, they would have known that Hermione was upset that Ron had left and Harry was trying to comfort her, and also that Harry isn’t like that, he’s not the type to make out with his best friend’s love of life. Slash Harry and Hermione have a platonic, best friend relationship, and she’s practically the older sister he never had. So that would have been weird too. I feel like this movie is hard for people who don’t read the books to follow. It’s not like all of the other films, where the problem is explicitly stated in the beginning. It’s a part of a culmination of events that have happened throughout the series. There’s also a few things they left out that were important to the plot, so I feel like non-readers would be really confused. I’m not saying that non-readers shouldn’t see the movie – it’s an amazing film, and I think everyone should see it multiple times. I just feel that they shouldn’t go to the midnight showing, and take seats and tickets from real fans of the series who have been waiting for this movie since the book came out and who probably want to see the film more.

See this movie. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you regret more than ever that you never got that Hogwarts letter in the mail on your eleventh birthday. It’s the best film of the series yet, and I can’t wait to see it again.

The Gleekness

November 10, 2010

Three cheers for this weeks episode of Glee! I have a few focal points with this episode, which was overall quite emotional and sappy – the way I like my Glee. They had their good old cheesy 80’s pop music, Darren Criss feeding my fangirl fantasies, and…oh yeah, a guy on guy kiss. Or “Brokeback Locker Room,” as my dad called it. Wait – they actually did it. I can’t even explain how proud I am of the show for actually airing that. The network is going to get a lot of flack for doing that, and possibly in a negative light, but so many props to them for doing so. I respect them so much more than I already did because I feel like between all other gay couples on network television shows (yes, Modern Family, I’m looking at you) are never shown intimately. What’s the point of having a gay couple if they can’t be as over-sexed as all the other characters on the show? And when I say over-sexed, I mean really; the amount of making out in this weeks episode was above average and a bit much, but it adhered to the plot and theme of the show at least. Overall, it was a job very well done, and in my humble opinion the best episode so far this season. Any episode focusing on Kurt is going to be a favorite of mine, but this one was progressive, which is why I liked it the most.

P.S. When are we gonna get to see a Kurt/Darren kiss? Deep down, that’s all I really want…

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

November 6, 2010

It’s that time of year again! No, you fools, not Christmas time, Harry Potter time!!! Time for costumes and fake wands and drawn on scars, time for re-reading and re-watching and reviewing. Time to fall back in love and wonder why you ever read anything else, because nothing else brings you as much security and joy as this series does. The world in which you wish you lived is inviting you back, it’s beckoning, can’t you hear it? Can you hear the sound of spells being cast, of Hermione’s good judgement, of Ron’s “Oi!”? Can you hear the parseltongue slipping from Harry’s lips? You forgave it long ago for not sending you an invitation to Hogwarts on your eleventh birthday, it’s time to dive back in. Pick up your favorite book and get to reading – Harry and company miss you as much as you miss them. Hell, you’re even starting to miss that crazy sassmaster, Bellatrix. Who cares about homework when you can read about Harry not doing his? There’s a reason you can recite a history of Albus Dumbledore’s life but can’t remember a thing about King Henry VIII.

Pump yourself for the film, starting now. It’s only weeks away, but there’s still time to prepare. Get those midnight tickets ahead of time – don’t you want to see just how beautiful Gellert Grindelwald actually is? Don’t you want to see how hard watching Harry go to Godric’s Hollow will make you cry? You know you do. Pack your robes, grab your wand, get your books…it’s time to get back to Hogwarts.