Oh, Summz

August 31, 2010

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Question. Is it really lame that I made this gif from the Emmy opener? To justify my actions, I choose to cite my love for Mad Men, 30 Rock, Glee/musicals in general, Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, and my last-few-days-of-summer boredom. And the curiosity concerning how gif files are made. This is my first gif ever, which explains a lot. Like the Youtube timemarker in that one shot. Whoops! Regardless, I am still proud of it. Enjoy, I guess!


Day 25: A Song That Makes You Laugh

August 31, 2010

Tramps Like Us

August 30, 2010

I want all of this, all the time, forever. The Boss + Tina Fey + Jon Hamm + Glee = dream team. I hate to sound sappy, but I was so overwhelmed when watching this opener that I was shaking with laughter, shrieks of excitement and tears of joy. It was like my favorite television one after another after another. Also, I am madly in love with Jon Hamm and would do anything for him and his dancing in this is the highlight of my summer. Well, my summer TV watching. Yes, it beats seeing Alexander Skarsgard naked, and that’s saying a lot. Speaking of Vampire Eric, True Blood got robbed last night, amirite? I was super dooper proud of Mad Men for winning but True Blood could have really used some other nominations. Well, there’s always next year. I believe in that cast!

Side note: Am I the only one who cried when Temple Grandin won? Am I the only sap?

Go Glee!!

August 30, 2010

I’m sort of kind of watching the Emmys-I got to see the opening number which was hilarious and all sorts of OMG in my living room. And then I took a break to watch The Alphabet Killer which was a pretty bad movie and now I’m back to NBC and anxiously awaiting the appearance of the cast of True Blood. Congrats to Jane Lynch on winning Best Supporting Actress! And now for my catching up on the music countdown.

Day 22: A Song That You Listen To When You’re Sad

Death Cab works wonders for a wounded soul.

Day 23: A Song That You Want To Play At Your Wedding

Day 24: A Song That You Want To Play At Your Funeral

It seems so appropriate.

Day 21: A Song That You Listen To When You’re Happy

August 28, 2010

I really, really love this song.


August 27, 2010

…Another few days, another loss of internet connection. Here’s what I’ve missed in this month-long countdown!

Day 18: A Song You Wish You Heard on the Radio

To be quite honest, I just don’t think they play enough Cake on the radio…I’d love to hear any of their songs getting airtime.

Day 19: A song from your favorite album (Let’s go with ONE of my favorite albums…)

Day 20: A song that you listen to when you’re angry. I used to listen to Drop The World by Lil Wayne a lot until Emmy went and ruined it for me by showing me the chipmunked version. I usually just listen to this. The chorus sums up my feelings quite well…

Day 17: A Song You Hear Often On The Radio

August 24, 2010

Today, on the way home from Blockbuster, Jenny and I heard this three times in a row on three different radio stations. “Maybe this is what happens when a tornado meets a volcano all I know is I love you too much to walk away though.”