Cover Story Pt. III

June 29, 2010


Is there anything Shakira can’t do?


Living Just To Keep Going

June 25, 2010

New Jersey Brand Illegal Activities

Summer has arrived, and with that gift came a curse for me as well-an e-mail filled with a “sneak peek” at UChicago essay questions for applications this year. Will I ever catch a break? But I’m not paying attention to that. I’m paying attention to the summer projects I’ve made for myself, which I will have to write about because they’re kind of interesting.

Project Number One: Converting my parents entire vinyl collection onto mp3 files on my computer. A few years ago, my father received a turntable that hooks up to a computer and can record songs from records onto it, and until now I have never actually sat down and tried it out. Here’s what’s so special about this time: I have a big ol’ MacBook Pro that has a lot of space for my parent’s record collection, I have time, I a giant WANT for Veronica’s record collection. So for this summer, I plan on increasing my iTunes library by at least a thousand songs. I am so excited, I’ve already gotten the Beach Boys and some Tom Petty onto my computer, and I’m moving onto whatever David Bowie my parents have next.

Project Number Two: Obtain a press pass; see many shows. Through my Packet work I’m hoping to somehow get a press pass for myself and get backstage at a ton of shows this summer. So far on my roster are Geographer, which is a show at a bar (meaning 18+ only) which a press pass would probably get me access to, and La Roux in Philly, which I’m PUMPED FOR!!!!!

So, even though Jessica leaves for Taiwan tomorrow, Alli leaves for RISD on Saturday, Maria leaves for Spain in the beginning of July, and Jake is gonna be gone for a month, this summer may turn out to be more fun-filled than I thought. I’m going to miss my favorite people (sans Emmy, because we’ll be working in the same general area all summer YES!!) but that doesn’t mean I have to sit around like a vegetable for the next nine weeks!

There’s A Great Black Wave in the Middle of the Sea

June 19, 2010

Another year is drawing to a close at Princeton High School. Finals are in session, the hallways are bare of posters and pictures, yearbooks are circulating through different arms of different friends. The seniors are almost completely out the door, which means that before I know it, the coveted title will be handed over to me. I get shivers just thinking about it; it feels like I’ve been in high school for way more than three years, no, it’s felt like eons.

But this year really feels like it flew by. And these last few days, though an nuisance because if it weren’t for those stupid snow days, we wouldn’t still be here, are practically slipping through my fingers. So am I getting sentimental? Hardly. I’ve still got another year of memories to build, and quite frankly, junior year wasn’t anything special. Unless I want to reminisce on stress, which sounds like all sorts of fun.

Instead, I need to decide what’s going to be done this summer. I’ve got an entire summer, and my only plans are work, gymnastics, and Emmy’s 18th birthday. And a whole lot of True Blood.

Or maybe I don’t need to have any solid plans for the summer, and just let it happen. Freshman year, I made a list of one hundred things that I NEEDED to do before the summer ended. I did about five of them (surprisingly including climbing onto a roof-and a roof at the University too!), but I also met Shia LeBeouf and almost ran into Megan Fox and watched copious amounts of filming for Transformers 2, a movie which I still haven’t seen. That’s worth so many more memories than, say, touching a pigeon, or getting a henna. Summer is the season that needs to just flow.

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

June 14, 2010

My girl, Sookie

True Blood has returned! And what a way to start the season (with Eric’s bottom). It was a real whirlwind of an episode, so much going on. What I like most about this show is how it always picks up where it ended-and it always ends with a really good cliffhanger. I totally forgot about Maryanne and all of her scary-ass shenanigans, because there’s so much happening already, that when Sookie was cleaning out all of the weird crap that Maryanne had used to decorate, I was taken a bit by surprise.

All of the storylines weaved throughout the episode made it a good watch, and unlike other shows, I didn’t sit around waiting for the end so that something could happen. The thing about True Blood is that every episode has me on my toes, not knowing what to expect. And this episode has me anticipating a really interesting season! What I’m most intrigued by is Sam’s past, and who his parents are. I’m getting really restless waiting for next week so that I can see the big reveal…

Also I wish that Tara would get over all of her problems. It’s starting to piss me off, how ignorant she is. I get that she’s “independent” and can “hold her own” but why does Sookie always have to be counted on to save the day? I used to really like Tara, even up through the Maryanne crap, but once she forced her mother to let her go see Eggs it was just like…are you kidding me? It’s not like Sookie doesn’t already have enough problems. Lafayette too!! Her scenes are my least favorite ever, and the most predictable.

Oh well, Tara or no Tara, I’m still counting down to next week’s episode. I feel like introducing werewolves is a bit lame at this point, but I’ve been very cynical lately. I’m sure the werewolves will be just as sexy as the vampires (but not as sexy as Eric).

Oh oh oh

June 13, 2010

I wish I were five again. I wish my only fears were heights and fire. I wish my main form of entertainment was a good book. I wish the biggest social uh-oh was being given a time out. I wish that there was still an hour of nap time. I wish my biggest challenge was being able to climb up the slide. I wish we went on field trips once a month-at least. I wish my classrooms still had play kitchens in them. I wish the highlight of the day was a 30-minute long recess. I wish sleepovers still meant bedtime at nine and pancakes made by mama in the morning. I wish light-up sneakers were still the shit. I wish my favorite toy was still my American Girl Doll. I wish I was still small.

Rewind the Clock

June 6, 2010

I read Post Secret every Sunday, it’s part of my Sunday routine. Usually I just breeze through them and snicker at a few, and within a minute or two I move on to the next website. This morning, however, I was struck by this photograph that was sent in:

In sixteen days, my junior year will come to a close and I’ll be a senior. In a month or so, I’m going to start applying to colleges. And then, before I know it, I’ll be graduating. High school is so close to being finished for me. How is it June already? It seems like just yesterday I was miserably trudging through dirty snow and praying for spring, and now it’s practically summer. We’ve had a heat wave in New Jersey and it’s been ninety degrees for a few days, and I definitely wore jeans to school not two weeks ago. Change comes so rapidly when you’re busy not paying attention. Sixteen days sounds like a long time, but considering how much work I have to do between then and now, I’ll surely have some sort of distraction, and a reason to wish that time was on my side and crawling. And the funny thing is, as ready as I am to get out of here, the looming change is making me cringe.