May 26, 2010

I’ll post soon, but for now, here’s some Tones.


Prom I Guess

May 16, 2010

I don’t really understand what the big fuss about prom is. Nor do I understand the point of spending so much money on it. Here’s how much money I spent on prom this year and how I spent it: Ticket ($85), shoes ($90–biggest splurge), dress ($44–biggest bargain), boutonniere ($9.50)…and that’s pretty much it. So it comes to a grand total of $228.50. That’s a ton of money, but it’s still so much less than other people dropped! I managed to do my own hair and makeup, which saved me in that regard, and I don’t really care about getting a limo (however my friends want to next year) so I just drove to the Westin. Prom isn’t worth all of that cash down the drain. I could pay for the tortoise shell Ray-Bans that I want with that money, and still have enough left over to get a bunch of books from Barnes & Noble-that’s what I really want.

That’s not saying I didn’t have fun, because I totally did. My old friend Chelsea was there, which was the biggest surprise to me. The last thing I was expecting was to see her there, and when she showed up at my table I almost had a heart attack. Do you ever just wish that someone you love would show up to make a slightly sucky situation better? Well, it’s a fantasy I often have. Like a surprise party, except with just one person. I wasn’t even thinking about it, but seeing Chels there was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I basically spent the night catching up with her, and dancing too sometimes, but having my other half there made it go by faster and bit more interesting.

Also good was post prom, which I think I enjoyed more because of the company. Or perhaps, lack there of-I find that I prefer less people in a social setting, the less people, the better. Prom was too overcrowded this year, I thought I was going to suffocate on the dance floor. Getting home and into shorts and a sweatshirt was the biggest relief ever, as was getting space to walk around and lay down. I only get three hours of really bad sleep that night, but that’s kind of what I was expecting. Prom really isn’t unlike any other school dance I’ve been to, except I’m older and a bit more cynical.

Gym-nice-tics VII

May 12, 2010

Okay, so it’s really about time that I posted again, and with my AP world exam tomorrow I really don’t feel like there’s anything else I can do but pray. So I’m going to take the time I’m not spending studying to write this blog about (drumroll please) flying.

Yes, number four on the list of top ten things that I love about gymnastics is flying-seriously, it’s all I do. In my book, flying can mean anything from twisting mid air as I pop off the vault to letting go of the bar and doing a flyaway. Any skill that requires me to be airborne is flying, really. And it’s really scary and really hard to do but at the same time it’s incredibly fun. Take flyaways, for instance. Flyaways are the basic dismount from the bar set; what happens is, the gymnast pushes away from the bar and swings out until her body is parallel to the ground, and then lets go. Her body then basically takes it from there-she’ll tuck (or layout, if she’s squeezing tight enough to stay straight) and flip over backwards, landing on her feet. If it’s a good day, and the gymnast has a lot of momentum, maybe she’ll even fly up-this is necessary if more than one rotation is the desired effect.

Okay, that was really fun to explain! But back to what I was saying-doing a flyaway is fun. It really is. And this is coming from me, I was scared to death of flyaways for the longest time. I refused to let go because I feared crashing into the bar or landing on my back/neck/head. But once I got the skill, and started sticking it, I realized that it was really cool. That’s the only way to describe it. It’s actually the only skill that pretty much requires no strain (at least if one is doing a simple, single rotation flyaway.) And once you’re in the air, well, it’s like your mind leaves your body and all you can feel is yourself floating. It’s a split second feeling, but it’s a bit of a rush. I always get tingly after sticking an aerial tumbling pass or a salto dismount, and I can’t explain why that happens, but it always feels good.


May 7, 2010

Why I hate being a junior: I don’t have time to do stuff like this.

Hi Grace!

P.S. Team J. Groff/Jesse St. James ftw

Gym-nice-tics VI

May 2, 2010

Me and Dan showing off our biceps

The number five on the list of top ten things I love about gymnastics is my strength, something that I’m not exactly modest about. I like to flaunt my power, and I’ve been told that I throw a mean punch. What I’m really trying to say is that muscle mass is one of the best things about being a gymnast. Not only is it good for actually executing the skills that I do in the gym, but it also works well for self defense, blackmail and revenge. Back when my nose was broken, when people would annoy me, I would say (in a very detached tone while boring through them with my icy glare), “you do realize I did this to myself” and point to the swelling in the middle of my face. It was a very effective threat.

It’s quite getting to me, this whole being away from the gym. I can already feel my strength waning.What with APs fast approaching and an SAT just the other day, I really haven’t had much time for anything-exercise included. However last weekend, I did try to condition a little bit with some of the free time I had. Although it was a good idea, I learned my lesson the next day that you need to ease back into things, not go at them full speed ahead. What happened was, I decided to do some conditioning just as I would at the gym-reps of 50 pushups, sit ups and toe raises, so that I would be working out everything in my body and not just abs or arms. I forgot that I hadn’t been to the gym for some time (four weeks, to be exact), and my muscles were not used to that sort of prolonged intense activity. For the next three days, my calves burned with every step that I took-it was torture. I had forgotten that kind of pain existed, and with that lesson I also learned just how strong the sport makes you.