I Stand Corrected

January 31, 2010

On Thursday night, (a.k.a. the night that Skins Series 4 premiered) I was really annoyed-scratch that, super aggravated, because halfway through the Thomas episode my internet shut down, and it took much longer than usual to find that link and I was suffering from an uncomfortable head cold. So I scribbled these thoughts onto a piece of scrap paper, these initial judgements of the 30 minutes that I saw.

“I thought the premier episode of Skins Series 4 was absolute rubbish. They had a great build up, a great potential story line, then BAM, Thomas and his stupid morals ruin the day. Skins has lost it’s humor. The minor roles-teachers, parents, bosses-they always used to be quite the characters. Oh no. Not Thomas’ mother. That woman wouldn’t know happiness if it ripped off her lips. What a mood that put me in. I really watch skins for the parental abuse, the children with a heavy moral fiber and smart-ass siblings. No! No no no no no no! First of all, I knew what was coming. Here’s your problem Skins-YOU’RE GIVING TOO MUCH AWAY. Don’t put up previews like this because we want to be surprised. That’s why I watch the show-for the unexpectedness of it, the element of the unknown. Impress me, Skins. I dare you. Throw me a curveball with this ending, please. I’m your biggest fan, and your most judgmental critic. Give me random, give me funny, give me something carefree and indulgent.”

Well, now that I have finally seen the last 17 minutes of the episode, I can honestly say that I was impressed. I initially thought that the club scene wouldn’t turn into much, but now I can see how it may turn into something. Everyone was too happy, and the Effy love square was starting to get annoying. Don’t get me wrong-I adore Effy. She’s probably my favorite character of all time. I was so excited to see her. Her appearance was unfortunately predictable because I saw appearances of her in the previews. However, the bombshell that Naomi drops at the end was something I did NOT see coming, and also fuels my excitement for next week’s episode. I love Naomily, and until I saw the previews for next week, I honestly didn’t think that anything there could go wrong. YAY SKINS for impressing me/throwing the curveball I was looking for.

P.S. Poor Panda-I wonder if they’ll touch on the infidelity subject more or if it’s really over.


Dear Maria

January 29, 2010

Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you! We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too, HEY!

My LOL, Momo

Happy 17th birthday to my befo/love of life, Maria!

I wuv her and I can’t wait to go see rated R movies with her.

And Now For Something A Bit More Interesting

January 28, 2010

SPOILER ALERT!! if you want to be surprised in EVERY WAY by the first episode of Skins Series 4 (which premiers TOMORROW January 28th!!) I suggest not reading ahead.

The other day my good friend Grace G-Money Rosen linked me to a video on the Skins website that was like nothing I had ever seen before. At least, not in any Skins-affiliated video/forum. Grace muse that it may be Effy, for the girl had a brother, but we decided that this hunch was probably based on how much we desperately want Tony to make a cameo. Also, we noticed that the video was titled Sophie, so that rules out any of the old characters.

So I turned to my favorite forum, skinsis.com and stumbled upon an explanation for the strange video. The forum cites The Stage, a British blog about television, which explains:

The very first scene is a blistering steadicam shot following a young, drugged-up girl as she walks through a heaving nightclub, blithely walking past the series regulars, heading up towards a balcony and then throwing herself off, killing herself in the process. It’s a shocking scene that works so well partly because, in typical Skins style it doesn’t shy way from showing anything: where other series would cut away just before impact and rely upon sound and other people’s reactions, we see the whole thing (thanks to some clever use of digital composting)

Well, that’s different. I have high hopes for Skins, as I always do, and this seems like material that they would work well with. However, I have been wronged by them before (I’m still trying to figure out what the hell the season 3 finale was) I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. They’re so good at keeping me on my toes!

Dog Days Are Over

January 27, 2010

Recommended  author: Chuck Phalahniuk. I’m making it a personal goal to devour every single one of his novels by the end of June, because my experience with the past two that I have read (Fight Club and Invisible Monsters) have been thoroughly enjoyable. They’re really easy reads because of the suspense he uses, and the peculiar characters he employs for the stories he tells. Somehow, they both have had a tearjerking effect on me, thanks to the use of sentimentality and the deep connection I gain with the characters-overall they’re both really sweet stories. I recommend both if you can handle gratuitous violence, which there is a lot of. I mean, one is titled Fight Club and the other is about a model whose jaw has been shot off-there’s no way to read either of them without wincing and experiencing slight nausea.

And when I say that I devoured these books, I’m serious. Considering that it’s  (or was) midterm season, I got through Invisible Monsters considerably quick-within the span of a week. I stole it from Maria’s room and started reading it while I was supposed to be studying for pre-calc (whoops). If I hadn’t been so swamped with work, I probably would have gotten through it quicker, because I found it difficult to put down. “The books are never about what you think they are about” he claims in his description of the next novel by him that I will be reading, Survivor, which is undeniably true. I have never stumbled upon such twisted endings, I have never been so blindsided in all my life. Again and again-it took a couple of hours for the ending of Invisible Monsters to sink in, and when it did I had to go back and re-read it again so I could enjoy it thoroughly, as I imagine it was supposed to be. I can’t wait to start-and finish-Survivor. Palahniuk has officially made my list of people I would enjoy conversing with.


January 24, 2010

Another year, another cake in the face.

I love my friends.

So basically, I arrived at Cassie’s house around 7 on Saturday night, believing that I was going to be spending the next 3 hours studying for my AP World midterm, something I desperately needed to do. What I was greeted with instead was about 20 or so of my favorite people screaming “SURPRISE!!!”-my glorious, delightful, thoughtful, delightful friends went to the trouble of throwing me a surprise party!

I was initially shocked-I think the first thing I said was “I HAVE A MEET AT 9 AM TOMORROW!” because that’s how my over-stressed mind works, but the mob of people that was encompassing and asphyxiating me were all too convincing, so I gave into temptation and had fun. For just one night. I spent the first five or so minutes shaking and getting passed from guest to guest, each of whom I’m so appreciative of (this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me), especially Cass, Mo, Emmy, Alli and Jess for setting up the whole thing. T’was a great way to start off my 17th year, which my mother told me was her favorite year when she was in high school. Perhaps it will be mine as well.

So to all my friends who came, and kept a straight face while I bitched about all the studying I would be doing over the weekend while you secretly knew that I would be spending Saturday night with you-THANK YOU! It was unforgettable.

This is the third year in a row that I’ve had to take a shower in the middle of my birthday party.

God dammit Alli.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

January 22, 2010

My midterm season at PHS has it’s pros and cons. For one, we get off of school at 12:34 for four days, and our break period is extended by five whole minutes. Also, if you’re like me, you have two easy classes in a row and get a whole day off (I’m so excited for my art midterm!). The downside is, all of the departments require finals and midterms, AP classes included.

I took AP classes so that I wouldn’t have to do midterm week. Well, that’s a lie. But I thought that was included in the big AP package when I signed up! Curse you, College Board.

And the icing on this midterm cake is my weekend schedule. How I always get scheduled for meets the weekend between my midterms is beyond me, and for some reason I decided I wanted to take the SATs this weekend. I keep telling myself that it’s a test that no one can prepare for. I’m hoping that I’m right…oh well, at least there are second chances. And third chances.

Down The Tracks

January 18, 2010

I find that public transportation is not only environmentally friendly, but also increasingly enjoyable. Especially trains and train stations. I love the aroma of disgusting food being fried that wafts through the halls, and I enjoy people watching in the LIRR. I love the sentimental feeling of Penn Station that I experience even when I’m rushing to catch the express train home. I love Hudson News and their wide selection of periodicals, I love collecting ticket stubs. I find pleasure in taking the train from Princeton Junction to New York Penn Station, even though the scenery of the voyage is rather bleak and industrialized. It’s even more pleasant if it’s the 6:50 train, and the trees are bare so the sunrise is visible. The morning sun accentuates the Hudson well.

Subways are a less relaxing, more enthralling trip. I prefer standing and testing my balance, or being obnoxious and hanging from the bars and sometimes even doing a few pull ups. I love the rush I get from watching a subway car race towards me, rattling the whole station and deafening everyone in it.

The Dinky is always lovable, even if the ride costs more than it should and the schedule is hard to follow. It’s especially a bonus if you’re starving for some Wawa, and as soon as you get off of the Dinky, it’s right there, as though it’s been anticipating your arrival.

But my favorite train ride by far is the one from Calafell to Terrassa which journeys along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The scenic view of ports, nude beaches and rocky cliffs with pure, turquoise water crashing up against them and creating a foamy spray is the highlight of this trip, and one of the most delightful memories of my vacation

ahh, summer