Whatever You Like

November 29, 2009

December is one of the happiest months of the year, and my goal for December is to find this happiness and stick with it. Hopefully it’ll help pull me through the rest of the year. On Wednesday in homeroom, Mr. Cassagne explained to me, Maria and Hannah how it’s practically June so we have nothing to worry about. Although his explanation didn’t really make any sense and was kind of depressing, in retrospect I realize that his outlook on life is ideal for my pursuit.


Thing That Makes Me Happy #1-Cassie's flared nostrils


This weekend was one of the happiest weekends I’ve had in a while, but last night while walking home with Emmy, Milo and Sarah, I couldn’t help missing summer dearly. Why these thoughts came to my head, I’ll never know-just minutes before we had been enjoying the sights of Christmas time around Palmer Square-but I do know that when I got home, I was content, regardless of how upset I was that it wasn’t actually summer.


Things That Make Me Happy #2&3-Harry Potter and summer


Milo told me once that when he’s home, he’s always happy. Even if the night consisted of walking up and down Nassau with no real destination in mind, by the time he gets back to his house, he’s satisfied with his life. This is his main objective behind finding a happy school-he envies us at PHS because he feels as though we’re always happy. I’m not going to argue, I’m comfortable at my school, and although I’m stressed out there, I always have a face that I’m looking forward to seeing. I’ve come to the conclusion that Princeton is either one of the happiest places or filled with some of the happiest people.


Thing That Makes Me Happy #4-memories of Spain


Now, onto December. It’s not so much the holiday cheer that I love as it is all of the fun stuff that happens in December. I’m not going to go into this month with the highest of hopes for myself, but instead with a main goal in mind-thinking about happiness. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to blog every day about something that makes me happy. Big events or small acts of kindness, and maybe even the occasional surprises, I’m going to make sure that the good things outshine the bad things in my life this month.


I Love Lizzy DeClement

November 28, 2009

Lizzy <3333333333333333

She’s the one in yellow.

Shout out to the DeClement family! Especially Emmy!

Giving of Thanks

November 25, 2009

The Top 10 Things I Am Most Thankful For are…

10. Mats..because I can’t count how many times these have saved my life, or measure how much easier they have made it.

9. My cat Maddie…because even though she can be annoying at times, she never fails to put a smile on my face.

8. My mother’s never-ending collection of books…because books are my cure for boredom.

7. Software…because Word, InDesign and Power Point have been my best friends lately.

6. The feeling of a pillow beneath my head…because  sleep deprivation is the biggest problem in my life.

5. Grooveshark and WeAreHunted.com and Frostwire…because the only consistent thing in my life is the growth of it’s soundtrack.

4. The amount of sushi restaurants in Princeton…because too much of a good thing is great.

3. Attending PHS…because, let’s face it. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else, and I can honestly say that I’m happy there.

2. Having a gymnasium so close to me…because not only is it convenient, it’s also my second home.

1. The people I love…do I really have to explain this one?

Happy Thanksgiving!

How Did I Miss This?

November 23, 2009

Even MORE new Vampire Weekend! When did this happen?


If I Were A Boy

November 20, 2009

I have a profound appreciation for male gymnasts. I feel like a lot of people who in the past have asked me about men’s gymnastics have had some sort of pre-conceived notion that they’re all a bit queer. Well, in the sense of the word meaning “strange”, I have to say that aren’t all gymnasts a little bit weird? Hey, look at that 4-inch wide beam. Let me see if I can flip backwards and land with my feet on the beam. Let’s see what happens when I let go of this bar. Let me try launching my body over this three foot long surface. Yea, gymnastics!

Okay, Blaine. I see you.

But I kid. I love the sport for many reasons, one of them being the unmistakeable rush I get from perfection, from sticking a routine or a new skill. Getting a new skill is like Christmas, it’s the best feeling in the world. However, I must admit that male gymnasts are the ones whom I’ve always envied. Their arm strength is nonpareil, and the difficulty of the skills that they perform is inconceivable. I don’t think that people realize how hard male gymnasts work, or how great their strength is.

I’ve actually met my fair share of male gymnasts in my lifetime. Blaine Wilson is always at my meets, doing sit ups and practicing his autograph (I kid you not), and I’ve grown bored of him.


And I had grown bored of almost all American gymnasts-Jonathan Horton wasn’t winning anything, the Hamm brothers were M.I.A. and Blaine…he was just being Blaine. Then I picked up an old issue of Inside Gymastics, my favorite of all gymnastics periodicals, and opened to a page featuring up-and-comers. One boy’s story caught my eye-Maximilian Mayr.

Max is a 14-year-old from Florida who managed to snag a spot on the National Team as a junior, and got to compete at Nationals this year, and scored 3rd on the still rings, which he claims are his favorite event. After doing a bit of research on him, I learned that he started gymnastics at age 6, and that is work ethic in the gym is the one that I’ve strived for my entire life, and have never managed to get control of. He is known as the “Training Machine” and what I got from the articles and interviews is that he’s obedient, a key ingredient for becoming a successful competitive gymnast.

I can see some Worlds and maybe an Olympic Games in his future (London 2012 anyone?), but you never know. However, I was right about Nastia five years before 2008-maybe I’ll be right about this one. Also, the length of time that a competitive male gymnast stays in the game is significantly longer than that of females; Blaine Wilson didn’t retire till age 34, but many female gymnasts, i.e. Mohini Bhardwaj, retire around age 25, if not sooner. Mo was pretty old for a gymnast actually. So I think that with proper training and time, Max has a chance. I’ll be keeping an eye on him-ever since Blaine lost his luster, I’ve been searching for a new gymnastics crush. I may have finally found mine!


November 18, 2009


But to tide you over until then, here’s a little ditty

ALSO! PHS Boys Soccer fans, THEY WON! game Friday night, TCNJ @ 8:00, we have fan busses.

Skins Update

November 16, 2009

Just a few thoughts: Why is this preview so different from the others? All teaser previews for Skins in the past have been of the whole gang at some sort of get-together with a crazy soundtrack playing along to footage of different characters antics throughout the night. The night has nothing to do with the series or what will happen in the series-it’s usually a sort of fantasy night. This preview looks like they just chopped up some footage from the upcoming series and pasted it together to give us a taste of what’s coming. I like to think of the series previews as what we’ve been missing. Also, I wonder what kind of soundtrack this season will have. If it’s anything like the previous season’s, it will be phenomenal. They’ve set the bar pretty high for themselves…I hope to hear some new Arctic Monkeys and maybe for a party scene, some MSTRKRFT or Major Lazer-something fun. If not, I hope that they open my ears to new realms of obscure British music like they have in the past. I’M REALLY PSYCHED FOR THIS SEASON.