October 31, 2009

waldo0SO IT’S FINALLY HALLOWEEN. HALLOW WEENIE. ALL HALLOW’S EVE. Tonight, it is socially acceptable for a grown male to entice children to his doorstep and give them candy. I’m going as Waldo, and, just like I did in school yesterday, I am expecting to get many “I FOUND YOU!” comments. Oh well, it’s the price I will pay for having a totally awesome costume. Enjoy your night everyone!



October 29, 2009

mmm, literature

November, like October, is a wonderful month. But here’s the thing. I used to only love it for the multiple four day weekends, starting a Christmas Wish List and devouring Thanksgiving dinner, but I have just discovered another reason to look forward to November.

This reason would be NaNoWriMo, more formally known as National Novel Writing Month. The challenge? Write a 50,000 word novel by November 30th at midnight. I plan on doing this. I don’t know what I’ll write about, or how it will end, but just to prove to myself that I can do this, I will write until I’ve gotten those 50,000 words down.

I just had to post about this because I’m super psyched to get started, so much so that I may have to start early. I’ve had a novel in my head for the past week but haven’t been motivated enough to get started on it. NaNoWriMo is exactly what I’ve needed.


October 28, 2009

jackolantern_christopher_walters_470x353Some of the things standing in the way of me and Halloween include a Crucible paper and intense notes on the first three chapters of the Scarlet Letter. I have one more paragraph to write for the paper, which isn’t due until next Wednesday but still needs a draft in by tomorrow. I don’t want to search the play for evidence though. Also, as for my copy of Scarlet Letter…let’s just say I’m either going to have to do a lot of erasing or the next person who gets my book is going to have it really easy. I also have a buttload of reading to do for AP World and studying for the SATs. And Glee is on tonight. And I’m missing the greatest week for TV ever. My brother is watching Scooby Doo and The Goblin King and invited me to join but, alas, I must first finish all of my work. I despise junior year.

Some good news. Teen PEP had our first workshop the other day and, aside from some particularly unenthusiastic freshmen, I think it went pretty well. I mean, I had a lot of caffeine to keep my energy level up throughout the day and make tumbling on a hardwood floor less difficult (in our introduction I did a short tumbling pass to get the audience’s attention), but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have done as well without the caffeine. I mean…I hope I haven’t developed an addiction. Ms. Crane warned me about drinking too much coffee last year, I wonder if I should have heeded these words.


Also, after a long, hard and stress-inducing month, Tower will FINALLY be published tomorrow! Susan and I worked for what feels like forever on this issue and it was almost impossible to get laid out because of various complications, but we managed to pull through at the last minute (like we always do) and I must admit that I am quite pleased with the final outcome of this month’s Vanguard. Many thanks to the GSA for helping us out as well as Anna, who was our ever-present tie-breaker. I adore thee.

As for the title of this post…I think I’ve made it obvious that I will have no time to do anything fun tonight, let alone watch the World Series, but I’ll still be rooting for my Phillies. If you say ‘Phillies’ too many times, it begins to sound really strange and not a name suitable enough for a world-class baseball team.

Si Jeune

October 24, 2009
I’ve been drowning out the sounds of my bustling household with some Blink and attempting to get some homework done, but that isn’t really getting anywhere.
my boys

my boys

Listening to Blink always makes me procrastinate because I always stop whatever I’m doing to lay down and listen. Really listen and soak in the feeling that they give me. Whenever their music is playing, I am attentive and paying attention to all of the words and riffs and beats even though I’ve heard them a thousand times. I tend to fill up with happiness and contentment when spinning some of their stuff, but sometimes, I get hit with an unexpected burst of sentiment and longing. I don’t even know what I want, but usually it works to play the song or album again, just so I can experience that feeling.

“I think it’s time we really ought to start preparing ourselves for the future instead of obsessing over the present”

I like to spend my Friday nights practicing my bar routine, washing my face, doing pre-calc homework and talking to JOng. Also, I have been passing the time in my room, alone, looking for Shakira’s completed new album. It’s got to have leaked somewhere, how else would David get his hands on it? I bet he got it from the German iTunes store. Damn him and his crafty ways.



November 23rd is only 30 days away!

I’m working on a paper about the fear of isolation in society and how it is presented in The Crucible, and because of this I’ve been seeing parallels of it in my life. Being alone has always been a huge thing in my life, I love spending time locked up away from everyone. But in my friends I’ve been seeing the negative affects and the loneliness that comes with isolation and disapproval in high school. Friends are key to swimming through the choppy waters of puberty and growing up, and though they are more important to some than to others, it’s always pained me to see someone sitting  by themselves at break eating their lunch quietly and reading or finishing up homework. I mean, sometimes I do this myself and when I choose to be alone, it’s because I need to get away, but for some reason loneliness in others always saddens me.

Maybe this is because while I know (or like to think) that I have friends to find if I really want to, I jump to conclusions about others (snap judgement is fun) and have a tendency to get lost in my thoughts, dreaming up my own interpretation of their life. This goes along with my tendency to imagine what people must be thinking or make up the backstory to their life.
At this point, I find myself rambling and getting slightly depressed. Maybe I’ll go get some rest to catch up on all the sleep I missed this week.


October 22, 2009

Yesterday this weird girl hacked into my phone and took 15 pictures of herself.



I need to stop leaving my bag unattended.

As for today’s Glee, well..I wasn’t too impressed. I loved Will’s rendition of “The Thong Song” at the beginning, but the sexual tension between him and Emma is starting to grate on me. She’s so in love with him, it’s painful. I also enjoyed the small bit of Jewish love sparking between Rachel and Puck, I personally thought that they were a cute couple. And Sue Sylvester is SCARY. I actually fear her. But she also makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD so I’ll keep her. I wish that there had been more ensemble pieces, but I guess that’s what next week is for. My father also brought to my attention how much Rachel looks like my friend Cassie.





I Have Built A Glee-house

October 21, 2009

Production is underway and I’ve already got a good feeling about it. I mean, I always have a good feeling about it until the last hour of the last day, but it’s whatever. I refuse to be stressed out by this. Today when I entered the lab it was buzzing with energy and writers busy at work, which filled me with a sense of fulfillment and happiness but was ultimately overcome with sorrow because this staff will soon be disbanding and I would like for that to not happen because our staff is all-star. Really though, we’re awesome, and I’m not just saying this. Tomorrow I’ll be slaving for 6 hours  but at least I’ll get something done. Susan and I are trying to have the majority of the layout done by tomorrow so that all we’ll need to do is tweak and run by the advisors. I just hope it all gets done by deadline, and I have hope that it will! (That’s the spirit!)

I feel like the only reason I’m so optimistic and energetic is because I got an extra hour of sleep last night, but there could be other factors that I’m not taking into consideration.

my BFF

my BFF

Even though it barely helped my homecoming experience.

Homecoming was a huge bust. I had no fun and they left one of the lights on and it was 110º inside the old gym. It wasn’t until the dance finished and I made my way to Haven that I started having fun. Oh and burnt the skin off of my tongue as well. I could post all of the juicy gossip that came out of homecoming but there’s too much and it would surely end up being a bore. People don’t need that kind of information infecting their minds.


And yesterday, having finished all of my homework early, I decided to catch up on a show that I have been meaning to watch but really haven’t gotten the chance to because, unlike Grace Rosen, I do not have superior time-traveling skills that allot me the time to watch that much TV. Being swamped with work all the time has no benefits, unless I’m working at Tower. Anyway that show was Glee and I was blown away by it-new obsession? I think so. I’ve downloaded most of the songs and had their rendition of  “Don’t Stop Believing” playing on repeat all day. It made drawing skulls in art much more bearable.

Obviously evil

Obviously evil

Everything about Glee makes it the ideal show for me. It’s close resemblance to a musical but featuring some of the best pop songs in a cappella versions are all plusses. Oh, and a spine-tingling rendition of Queen’s Somebody to Love. And a ridiculous story line with quirky characters who are all extremes of their stereotypes. My friend Grace is really digging Sue Sylvester, but I love all of the intertwining love stories, especially Rachel and Fin. It’s obvious that they’ll get together eventually, but it’s the suspense that keeps me watching. And Will and Emma! When is he going to leave his idiot wife? And a teen pregnancy in the third episode already? This show caters to everything I could ever want from a TV show.

An added plus-Will is adorable

Also, Will is adorable

It’s easy to dismiss Glee as unrealistic and stupid, but really it’s the ridiculousness of it all that makes it such a guilty pleasure. It’s entirely too optimistic, but quite frankly that’s all I need. I mean, do you really think that anything else in show business (musical-wise) is actually believable? Take High School Musical for example. Troy Bolton is perfect and he DOESN’T EXIST. Anywhere. It’s nice to think that there are boys just like him wandering the hallways of suburban high schools, looking for real love and a way to do everything he wants to do in life, but let’s be real. And for another example-Chicago, my all-time favorite. A couple of dames get away with murder (one a double homicide!) and go on to BOTH be superstars. Yeah right! Look, I’ll admit that I believe Roxy needs to get some sense beaten into her, and that her idealistic and naive view of the world is super annoying, but that’s exactly the way I feel. I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. Musicals are feel-good, and so is Glee.


October 17, 2009

This adorable Hello Kitty USB is EVERYTHING I’ve been looking for in a USB and more. My 1GB flash drive from Target just isn’t enough space anymore, I definitely NEED this one. Also, it isn’t as cute.

Cutest. USB. Ever.

Cutest. USB. Ever.