O Pandora, Where Art Thou?

September 29, 2009

Skinsis, one of my favorite online forums, has revamped its site, and is looking better than ever! I’m totally enjoying the new look, but I did notice that the header is missing a crucial character. I see no sign of any Pandora!



Although I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 2010 season of Skins, watching the Naiomily videos and re-watching seasons 1, 2 and 3 have sufficed thus far. And for anyone wondering, I’m super pissed about this so-called American Skins. Absolutely not okay.


My Thoughts Aren’t Very Loud

September 28, 2009

38139508.JPGMy mind is shot completely from reading 6 straight chapters of The Scarlet Letter. So far the story is intriguing but the language is very dense, and Hester’s story is so glum, I feel nothing but pity for her and her daughter. Isolation is so depressing and Hester is so strong for managing to move forward in life, even if only for the good of Pearl. I love the way that Hawthorne pieces together the story, with each chapter focusing on a different aspect of the tale, which is slowly becoming enigmatic. I wish only to learn who the father of Pearl is at this point, and the suspense is killing me. Hester, like Jane Eyre (a.k.a. J4N3 3yr3) is such an admirably strong and independent woman, which is saying much considering the time period in which the story is set. I really hope for the best at this point, but I must keep reading. Sometimes, I’ll read the last paragraph in the book that I’m reading, because I’m impatient, but so far this year I’ve managed to avoid doing that with all the books I’ve read beside A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.

In other news, today  I also went to an art & music & food festival in Hoboken, where I found the most beautiful leather-covered journals. The price of them, unfortunately, ranged from $45-250. Also, Eddie was a dick.



It was one of those days when he just wanted to be home and/or with his friends, even though he admitted that it was too wet out to be sk8b0@rding. Throughout the duration of the day he continually pissed me off by whining and complaining about how all he wanted to do was go home. He was probably the biggest buzz kill ever and resulted in my mother getting into a sour mood which is not fun. Then, at dinner, he got really mad at me for drinking a sip of his ginger ale from the straw that he used (because he can’t stand to share anything with anyone ever) so I backwashed. That’s what you get, buttface.


September 23, 2009

Shopping list:


….So basically I’m in desperate need of one of these, and I have been shopping around for options but nothing has fit quite yet. My Jane Austen one was so perfect but it filled up so quickly! I could go for plain old composition, but mom got me a purple one for my APES lab book and I wouldn’t want to accidentally get those mistaken for each other. I’m really feeling these two that I found on the Urban Outfitters websites, but I feel like this task will take a bit of poking around Princeton to be completed.

"Alexander Girard Journal"

"Alexander Girard Journal"

I’m drawn to the interesting and brightly colored suns, and I feel like I could use them to inspire me in my artwork which would then impress Ms. Murphy in class. The color scheme is happy and summery, so it may not be appropriate for the next 6 months.

French Notebooks

French Notebooks

I’m always attracted to French things.

In other news I lost my Jesus button AGAIN and I definitely saw it 4th period and I was not in Jeremy’s car so I have no idea where it could be. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.


September 20, 2009

I have just finished the first part of A Clockwork Orange, and I must admit that the whole section has made me feel a bit dirty. The action is grim and grotesque, and the pictures that it paints are not pretty ones. These characters, or malchicks as they are called in the book, are vulgar and have no reservations. They have no understanding of consequences. And the main character, Alex, is slowly turning into one of the most dangerous and villainous personalities that I have ever met in literature. His eloquence and persuasive talk makes him almost sociopathic, especially with his lies and deceptive good-boy disguise which he dons during the daytime. What scares me the most about him is that he can coax almost anyone into doing anything he wants, or believing anything he wants them to believe, be it with his words or with his bitva (a razor). Even his best friends, as I was surprised to see, were susceptible to his control. The whole book has been absolutely  horrorshow, meaning both that I find it to be thrilling and strikes fear in me, but also that I think it is a great read. I want to find out what the meaning of the title is, and I also would like to see Alex come around from his disgusting behavior. I think that he has a beautiful mind, this boy, but he needs to put it to good use.a-clockwork-orange

The copy that I own also comes with an extra chapter that wasn’t published in the American version originally, which is another reason why I refuse to put this book down, no matter how many times it makes me sick to my stomach. Also, once I’m done reading I’ll probably take the movie out of the library and compare it to the book, which is something I enjoy doing.

I really don’t like the way that Burgess awkwardly places the word “like” in the dialogue, for instance: “One of my droogs has had a like funny fainting turn on the street.”

If anyone talked like that in real life, I’d tolchock them.

The Latest Addiction

September 18, 2009


The song that I’ve been listening to on repeat for a few weeks…actually months now has been She Wolf by the multi-talented singer Shakira. But, even with the immense information cesspool that is the internet, I cannot for the life of me seem to find a set release date for her new album. But if it does come out before Christmas/my birthday, this is just a reminder that Shakira CDs make great presents. So do Shakira tickets.

Another mind-boggling happening in my life has been the addition of the Facebook application, Farmville. I don’t get it. I don’t understand the appeal, what’s so fun about compulsively trying to get points and expand a virtual farm? And yet all of my friends are doing it. It’s like a simpler and free version of Sims, which SUCKS because playing Sims is like playing God because there are so many options to choose from to create your world, while Farmville is playing around with crops.



Did I mention that all of my friends are addicted? Maybe it really is fun, everyone knows that gaining virtual points is one of the greatest yet strangest pleasures in life. Also, maybe I’m avoiding falling into the Farmville trap because it is my junior year and I should be spending all my free time studying for the SAT and my APs and reading books, not video chatting or writing blog posts or playing Farmville. Because considering how many hours I spent drooling over the keyboard when I was given Sims in 5th grade, I’m not so sure that Farmville would be a temptation that I could refuse with ease.

APW Updated!

September 17, 2009

Regardless of how ecstatic I am over finally getting to don my leather jacket out of the house, I really miss summer, especially since Alice has finally added new pictures from our All Points West antics. And has also given me permission to upload the aforementioned pictures.

Ankle deep mud is so much fun.

Ankle deep mud is so much fun.

Glassy Alice

Glassy Alice

Alice Glass was more entertaining than I imagined, just because of all the hallucinogenic substances that must have been circulating through her bloodstream. With the crowd giving her support, she stared glassy-eyed into the crowd and proclaimed that we were a “garden of hands”. However her singing was not up to par, which was a disappointment. Alice Gal a.k.a. Ice G was especially saddened by this, because she automatically loves anyone who shares her name, and agreed that her performance could have been better in the vocal department.



I honestly could not think of a better replacement for the irreplaceable Beastie Boys.

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she lovely?

It feels like home.

10616_146947281788_566476788_3463516_477396_nAnd to finish, I’d like a serving of Coldplay, please.

The Genius That Is Mr. Lev

September 15, 2009


For your entertainment, I am attaching a link that you must follow  because it is by far one of the greatest things I have ever found.


Please follow!